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As of July, all taxpayers with a turnover of 25 million TL and above in 2018 or later years should switch to e-dispatch application. While paper invoices can be used instead of dispatches, it is one of the questions that taxpayers have in mind whether e-invoice can replace e-dispatch. e-dispatch or e-invoice The Revenue Administration […]
Commercial enterprises  face enormous logistic challenges every day. Goods are ordered from many different suppliers for delivery either to warehouse locations (cross-docking) or to individual branches directly (drop-shipping). Overviews of pending deliveries must be available at all times to ensure that cross-docking and drop-shipping logistics remain efficient. Using the despatch information sent by the suppliers […]
Reduce Your Error Rate in the Shipping Process Before the shipment begins, the e-Waybill created system by checking the compliance of your document with the legislation forwarded to the recipient. Otherwise, you can view your e-Waybill information.You can receive an answer electronically. Thus, shipment operations When it happens, there will be a reduction in your […]
In addition to voluntary transitions, According to the general communique published by TRA; with a turnover of 25 million TL and above electronic invoice payers as of 01.07.2020 It has to switch to e-Waybill application. According to the general communiqué published by the TRA: Taxpayers, who registered for the e-Invoice application and have gross sales […]
The subject of this article will give the necessary answers to a situation that we may encounter in practice. How should a taxpayer follow through the e-despatch system in the event that receives the incomplete goods during shipment? Incomplete Receipt of Goods The buyer, who receives the goods subject to e-Waybill “incomplete”, can give a […]
Today, with the digital transformation process, the technological developments have accelerated shows its effect in all areas of life. In parallel with the developments in information technologies, the Revenue Administration has also set up appropriate targets for technology. Within the scope of combating the informal economy, e-document applications have taken an important place in order […]
Within the scope of the Communiqué on the Tax Procedure, the terms and periods of transition of the taxpayers who have to switch to e-dispatch application are specified within the scope of the communiqué. In this context, it is known that users of e-dispatch application encounter some problems in application. One of these problems concerns […]
One of the most frequently encountered documents for those dealing with trade is the despatch note. Despatch note is a document used for the transportation of a good for sale or a good for sale. This document, in which the belonging of the possessed or sold goods is recorded, is important. Among the questions of […]
Despatch note is a concept for the transport of a commercial good. Namely, it should be recorded while a commodity is being transported. It contains information such as the subject of the good, the unit of the good and who the good belongs to. On the other hand, it does not matter whether these goods […]
With the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué, it is possible to arrange dispatches electronically.Thanks to this communiqué, dispatches, which are normally used in printed form, will now be arranged in the form of e-despatch. These documents issued in the form of e-Despatch will be made mandatory in the coming years. There are three different ways […]