e-Despatch for Turkey

e-Despatch Turkey

What is an e-Despatch?

According to the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 (VUK), it is the document created in the digital media, not on paper, which contains the information that should be included in the dispatch. The e-Despatch has the same characteristics and legal qualifications as the delivery note which has at least 3 copies and replaces the waybill.

e-Despatch has the same legal qualifications as the paper Despatch Note.

Melasoft e-Despatch Features
  • Viewing on SAP without sending a waybill
  • Easy waybill design by the user
  • Outgoing-incoming waybill cockpit
  • Ability to integrate with different systems
  • Ability to display the waybill note as PDF / XLM / HTML via SAP
  • Ability to authorize transactions
  • Forwarding the incoming E-Waybill to the person concerned with the approval system
  • Communication with Integrator via SSL
  • Improvements with BADI outputs
  • Monitoring and reporting via SAP
  • Logging operations
  • Adapting to the needs of your company with modern architecture.